Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ski Club

The last time I went skiing was over 10 years ago when my middle daughter and I skipped school with a friend. Then I didn't even ski; I snowboarded! The girls grabbed their skis and I didn't see them until lunchtime. I decided I'd try snowboarding since I'd be on the slopes alone. It went fairly well, after aching arms from catching myself, and I ended the day with several decent runs from the top.

A few months ago I committed to be an advisor to our school Ski Club. I was only a little concerned that I'd be rusty, since I don't really have a workout regimen. Over Christmas vacation I warmed up a little, worked out a little and stretched some, more than usual.

So we are on the bus to Toggenburg Mountain and the kids are great; fun, serious, and mix of skis and boards. Everyone is set and on the hill when I step out on my skis with another advisor. It's not like riding a bike! More like "hm... now how do you do this again?" It took a couple runs to get the hang of it back. It was great to be back on the slopes and shushing down in the cold clean air.

I even took my camera up to try and catch some of the kids in action. We stayed til 7:45 and, after a few 'graceful' falls, I was on the bus unscathed! It had been a beautiful night, with light snow and great conditions. The kids were terrific and I'm very impressed with their ski skills. I'll be trying to get some pictures of the snowboard guys practicing their tricks next week.

So long; watch for an update!

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