Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half Moon! Toys and Games at the Quadricentennial Celebration

I had a great day at the Albany Quadricentennial Event at the Albany Preserve alongside the Hudson River ( Grant set me up on the corner of the path intersection to the Native American Dancing Demonstration. I didn't get to see them, but I heard them several times and they cheered me one time when I had to rescue a trundling hoop from the (slimy) body of water between us. (photo of Half Moon:

The crew of the Half Moon and the re-enactors there cooked 3 whole pigs during the day and a huge pot of "hutspot". I never heard of it and I'm sure its spelled wrong, but it was delicious; a concoction of potatos and carrots cooked to a thick stew in chicken broth. Mmmmmm. We had a great dinner together when the public went home. It was great to kibbitz with everyone. I talked to the Sea Rats Atlantic hardcore sailors group. ( They do a terrific impression and their website is under construction but the first page gives you an eerie idea of what they look like.

There were hundreds of visitors to the Toys and Games from 10:00 in the morning until nearly 6:30 that evening! By the time I got everything loaded up it was dark.

The setup for the day was on a corner site with a great tree on the very corner. It had a perfect limb for a rope swing! I used the stoutest rope and doubled it into a loop. Lots of kids were swinging on it and seemed to be having a great time! I saw tiny kids on it and some adults tried it, too! I confess I took a minute and swung on it myself!

We also had posts for bat and trap set up, but after all three balls were lost down the hill to the water I had to put it away for the rest of the day, unfortunately. The Boy Scouts really loved the game! Another game we were unable to play was Shinny. There just wasn't enough room... and the ball would have certainly been lost to the water!

Another favorite toy for the day was our buddy, Limberjack. There were several kids (and adults!) who were entranced with his great dance moves! Thanks to all who listened to my accompanying singing without cringing! (Froggy Would A-wooing G0, He That Would an Alehouse Keep, and even Mary Had a Little Lamb!) Who votes Steve makes a whole family of limberjacks? They are terrific!

There were two whole journals filled as well as numerous other journals written in! We went through quite a bit of ink and there were some very nice signitures and pictures left in the books. Thanks everyone! We had a great day.

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