Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I KNEW I loved reenacting!!

Ok, so I don't know anyone who is perfect. But I know hundreds of imperfect people I consider friends who have made me richer by participating with me in an interesting hobby/vocation.

Above you see just one tiny clip of why I love this hobby. Paul is a single guy who lives a couple hours from this little girl and her family. The only way these two happen to be sitting on the mossy ledge on top of Vrooman's Nose in Schoharie County is because of reenacting. Pauly is showing Sam how his compass works. It looks like Sam has some juniper berries in her hat and hand which no doubt has had the significance and usefulness explained to her. What other lessons has she learned this day?

A pink-striped seersucker dress, hand stitched by an 'auntie' who loves her (and who would never have met her but for this hobby) can be worn with a warm wool frock and blanket roll, with a wool cap on a chilly day for a long hike with her dad and a bunch of friends... all dressed in authentic 18th century clothing and gear.

No doubt a hot meal was had at the top of the hike and she picked up some of the history of the area, an incredible view and perspective both physically and historically! This picture is of my daughter and Sam looking out over the Schoharie Valley.

It would be impossible to list everything from this hobby that has enriched my life; from friends and fifes, to cow bladder football and camping in a historic fort with a fire blazing, to dancing in a Dutch barn with my son by candlelight, and mending a linen shirt for a friend in exchange for the handmade knife I've used for 15 years.

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