Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas cards

I am ready to start making Christmas cards... it doesn't really take that long... just a matter of deciding what to do and finding the time.

I got this little teddy bear from the mom of a former student. Alex and I spent four years working together and had a lot of fun. I saw him mature, take control of his academics and become a really nice young man. (Now he's studying to be an Occupational Therapist!)

I decorated our Passion Plant in lieu of a tree this year and put Teddy in it to take a couple pics. The old glass bulb was in Steve's mom's decorations. Lucy agreed, reluctantly, to be in one shot. The little pig Teddy is holding was brought from Germany last Christmas. When I moved the rocker, Lucy scowled at me and took off. Teddy wants to go outside and find a cave to hibernate in.
I guess I'll use one of the last two. I have some nice paper to frame it in and nice cardstock to mount it on. If you look carefully you can see me reflected in the ornament!

I'll post a finished product!

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