Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Dock Day

Today the first dock in the neighborhood is going in the lake. The guys are hauling it out now and we'll have a cookout at their house when they're done. It's a beautiful sunny day and there've already been a couple fishing boats out. Although there's no ice left here, we can see huge chunks of it piled at Shackelton Point, the Island Formerly Known as Two-Tree Island, and various shores across the (7 mile wide) lake.

Its great to see the neighbors out doing yardwork, airing the kiddies, running dogs and generally crawling out of the winter hibernation.

My cake (Dump-In) just came out of the oven and is in my full view outside cooling... so I can be sure Molly doesn't come over and help herself. When its cooled and frosted we'll take it down to the Dock Party. Woo hoo!

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